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Visual studio 2012 sequence diagram export

visual studio 2012 sequence diagram export

Is there any way to export the sequence diagram to any format so that it can be viewed outside Visual Studio?
Since this class library is depending upon the DAL, add the reference of the Com.
Step 4: In the same solution, add a new WinForm project (you can make use of T, MVC, WPF etc.) and name it as Com.
This creates problem by increasing maintenance cost.This means that the DTO layer is supposed to be commonly used by all the layers of the application architecture.In this project, right click and add select new item and select Layer Diagram, name it as AppLayer as shown below: Step 8: From the toolbox, add Layer to the designer and name every layer as shown below: Step 9: To associate the above layer.Step 2: In the solution, add a new class library project and name it as Com.BLL project and build.DataSource Employees; The above code makes call to the BLL and reads Employees as return data and assigns it to the DataGridView.Set the dependency using Dependency control from the toolbox as below: This completes the Layered diagram.Step 5: Design the WinForm with a Button and DataGridView and write the following code on the click event of the Button: private void btnGetEmployees_Click(object sender, EventArgs e) var Employees new dgvEmployees.I was checking out the new Generate Sequence Diagram feature in Visual Studio 2010 and its pretty cool!Step 6: Make UI project as startup project and run the application.Layer Diagram belongs to the Architecture menu provided in VS 2012.As the part of the application architecture diagram, it specifies that DAL makes use of DTO.C# visual-studio-2010 sequence-diagram up vote 7 down vote, this answer indian font for mac works in VS 2012: Open the sequence diagram select the whole diagram by ctrla copy it to the clipboard - ctrlc go to an open MS-Word document and hit ctrlv to paste it the diagram.Layer Diagram are used to describe the application structure at a higher level.
In this solution, add a new Class library project and name it as Com.
Just found a new useful feature of VisualStudio 2010, to generate the sequence diagram for a particular function.

Now if the DTO needs to be changed by adding or removal of a property, then as per the current code, it is required to make change in the DAL and rebuild.UI dependent upon BLL which is dependent upon DAL.Step 7: In the solution, add a new Model project, name it as MDL_Layer_Diagram.There up vote 5 down vote accepted, i tried again with approach mentioned in this link posted by Bolu, i played with the print options and selected the largest available paper size.After running the UI application, you will get the same result as shown in Step.Also set the dependency from UI, BLL and DAL layers to this new DTO layer as below: Step 15: Validate the diagram.The application architecture is as shown below: The above diagram provides a high level expected structure of the application system.EmpNo Int32(Reader"EmpNo EmpName Reader"EmpName".ToString Salary Int32(Reader"Salary DeptName Reader"DeptName".ToString Designation Reader"Designation".ToString ose ose return Employees; The above code contains EmployeeInfo class.Let us assume for discussion that the developer is responsible for designing the application using C# as a programming language, it may be Desktop or Web application and is designed as shown below: (Note: The layer diagram is also available in VS 2010 Ultimate).UI project, remove reference of Com.DTO.dll into the Com.
This is because Com.
Open SqlCommand Cmd new SqlCommand nnection Conn; mmandText "Select * from EmployeeInfo SqlDataReader Reader Cmd.