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The vampire diaries season 6 episode 18

the vampire diaries season 6 episode 18

Enzo explains to Sarah that budget planning manager job description he died on the voyage.
As he coughs up blood, she slices open her palm and pours some of her blood into a cup for him.Cure or no cure, Im ready to find out what.Matt tries to mediate, but Tyler breaks a chair for a stake and tries to charge Caroline.Damon watches as she reacts the sweet sentiments he fed her earlier.Back at the bar, Stefan and Caroline wonder if Matt dies, does that trigger Tyler's curse again?Back at Whitmore's bar, Caroline sings karaoke to a captive audience of students trying to study.Since Stefan is Carolines trigger, it makes sense that the writers would choose to prolong her current state by establishing a clear cut roadblock in her friends path to restoring her humanity.Enzo drags Sarah Salvatore to the Salvatore house to drop her off.Hes still always just around, with hints at a storyline of his own never really panning out, but its that quality that makes moments like this one in the hospital so brilliant.There are compulsion games in near-empty bars, karaoke and an actual stabbing in the back when Caroline realises her partner in crime may soon be donning his white hat again.Thats definitely not the end of this dead-end storyline, which is a shame.She says they have to get the ascendant back from Lily.Damons plan to slip Stefans switch with the sight of his long-dead mother actually worked.So Lily wasn't sent to the prison world because she killed 3,000 people, she was just caught up at the wrong time with the wrong people.Damon asks how she could feel if things could be different, but doesn't elaborate.Latest additions Browse All Follow.

She jabs Enzo with a needle full of vervain, making him weak before knocking him out.She knows he's afraid he'll lose Elena if he gives it to her.Elena then gets a text from Jo that someone has been killing people at Whitmore, and apologizes for having to leave.Notably, this is really the first time since season four that weve focused on Elenas regrets after becoming a vampire the possible family thats been taken from her.She explains to Enzo that she died of consumption and that she was turned by one of the nurses there.She breaks the news to Jo that Damon's mom is back and Kai is trapped in a prison world.Lily casually brings up the fact of being human hinting that she heard Bonnie and Damon last night.She grabs Matt and puts him in the path of the stake and Tyler ends up stabbing Matt through the gut.
Will she end up taking the cure, and skipping town either out of compulsion or through her own choice?
In assassin creed india crack 1903, Lily tells Enzo how she was sent to a sanatorium by her husband and left to die, but it was there she found her "real" family.