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Sonic classic 2 fan game

sonic classic 2 fan game

Therefore, the three begin their Journey of South Island, each taking their own unique abilities with them, taking different paths, each in search of the remaining Chaos Emeralds.
I think is impossible to pass, but, if somehow, you pass this mode, I buy 5 big mac for you, serious, this mode, only God, Chuck Norris, Razor and Zenor and John Cena can pass (If you are one of these people, the challenge dosent.
Little changes here tooSky Mcdonald: You are a bird but you got tired and hungry, and no have a werid gigant flynig fortress fast food of death close to you?
YouTube6:03,4:01, show more.Any wrong move and you are fried (See the joke?So you will love go to the space Mcdonalds some day.Eww, hamburgers on the water is just.You are now on yet another part of South Island scurrying to find your way back to where the Death Egg landed before Robotnik can get it back up into the sky.But the colors make you so dizzy, you never will come back to reach the stars (took the joke?)Characters:Blue Potato(Sonic He jumps higher than original Sonic and he's acceleration is just crazy in the water, make the things more harder then normalKing(Tails It's just Tails.YouTube2:15,1:24,2:42,3:03,2:20,0:31,6:10.Space Mcdonalds: You live in space?If happen other ending, please, show for meSpecial thanks: The people of the Power Sonic FórumThe creators of SonikSprite and Esrael Sonic Editor 2 The mcdonalds franchise Sega and Sonic TeamAnd the people who played the game).
But wait, you can call the fortress to deliver the food for you, and even have a drive - tru.

And now, he need save all the potatos before the.Of coruse, is because the Sonics jump, but, be Super, changes the cutcene).Good Ending(Go Super to the cutcene King will see you are in badass mode, and dont will betray you because reasons.Blue Potato is a joke hack in sonic 2 made by Blue Potato (or Sonic Cj).Story:Blue Potato is a normal game maker 6.0 lite potato in the McDonald's fast-food, when he got strange Sanic's powers.He has a lower jump, not kidding, the jump is just a attack, dont go far then.Sonic the Hedgehog Classic is an in-progress fan game.But, just dont fall on the toxic water, for you safety.But is better not swim in like DuckTalesMcbase: A giant base, way biger then your Grand Big Tasty or your 10 Big Mac.The game features elements from the classic Mega Drive games, as well as new gimmicks.