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Simcity 2013 update 7.0

simcity 2013 update 7.0

New : Improvements for traffic behavior to make it smarter.
New : Tree tools Place individual trees along your city roads.Freight: Freight trucks now only leave factories if they have a valid delivery destination.Until a natural disaster hits your bridges batman dark knight game for pc and you're stuck cleaning up the piles of rubble.While building your road, pressing the N key or M key will lower or raise the road accordingly creating overpasses, bridges and tunnels.Polygon ) demonstrates a new height tool, which will allow builders to craft new routes above or underneath other roads.This tool is located at the end of the Nature Parks menu.Update.0 is set to arrive later this month.Airship: The number of Airship passenger trips should now be correct over multiple days.Now you can create your own hobbit shire and rest easy knowing that the 15 fire engines in your city are all nose to tail in a human centipede like formation out of sight underneath a hill.EA is ready to deal with SimCity's traffic problem by introducing bridges and tunnels in the upcoming.0 patch.
Dealing with a city's traffic is never easy (just look at Los Angeles but SimCity's traffic problem has been a major issue since the game's troubled launch.

Fix for freight trucks leaving the city instead of going back to the factories in some situations.Parks: Sports parks are now accepting Sims 24 hours a day.Roads raised high enough will create bridges, while lower ones will create trenches and tunnels.Learn to build over/underpasses on flat terrain using only roads or avenues.Ocean Quigley, the former creative director and art director on the new SimCity has joined forces with Andrew Willmott, former engineering lead at Maxis, and Dan Moskowitz, former Maxis lead gameplay engineer, to found new developer Jellygrade.A little while ago, we gave you a sneak preview xin key trend micro titanium internet security 2014 into Update.Note: Existing road layouts cannot be raised or lowered.
So, with this.0 update for Simcity are you willing to give it another try?
You can view the official tweet below: Are you excited about the new update?