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Safenet authentication client ikey 2032

safenet authentication client ikey 2032

Installation / Installing SafeNet Authentication Client on Windows (MSI) SAC.0 (GA) Administrator s Guide, Revision B, 2015 SafeNet, Inc.
Note Generating an MSI file can be performed with administrator privileges only.
To generate a customized installation file: 1 Open the SAC Customization Tool.The Load pkcs#11 Device dialog box opens.38 39 2 Click Next.75 76 Installing SafeNet Authentication Client on Windows (MSI) Use the SafeNet Authentication Client Installation Wizard to install the application with its default properties and features.Use this window to enable or disable specific features.The selected template file is displayed in the Add/Remove Templates window.The user associated with the certificate is displayed in the Contact box.Mac Yosemite support SAC.0 now supports the MAC Yosemite operating system.105 106 Command Line Parameters via the Simplified Installation All the command line parameters that are described in the section: Installing the MSI file via the Command Line on page 84, can also cardcaptor sakura episode 52 be entered when installing the simplified installation.
Do one of the following: To propagate the settings to all clients in the domain, right-click Default Domain Policy under the domain node.

58 59 Installing the Customized Application After i installation file is generated, use it to install the application with its customized properties and features.To remove features, use the following format: msiexec /x SafeNetAuthenticationClient-x msi removef1,F2,Fn /qb where SafeNetAuthenticationClient-x msi is the 32-bit SafeNet Authentication Client installation file.Installing without etoken Drivers - Example To install SafeNet Authentication Client without support for etoken devices (only ikey device) on a 32- bit system, type the following command: msiexec /i SafeNetAuthenticationClient-x msi adddefault rvice, game ps1 klonoa volleyball sactools /qb Any of the optional features in this example can.Note: On Windows Vista 64-bit and on systems later than Windows 7 and Window 2008 R2, the total number of readers is limited to 10 from among: ikey readers, etoken readers, third-party readers, and reader emulations.Note You must restart your computer when the upgrade procedure completes.Installation / Installing the Firefox Security Module (Linux) SAC.0 (GA) Administrator s Guide, Revision B, 2015 SafeNet, Inc.To add SafeNet Authentication Client settings: 1 From the Windows taskbar, select Start Run.Click OK to exit the Device Manager.To set Adobe Acrobat security settings: 1 Select the Tools tab.When working with Thunderbird, load the token pkcs#11 security module manually.