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Project igi i am going in game

project igi i am going in game

Here you will find ammo_ID_dragunov replace it with ammo_ID_medipack.
I want to send a cheat to you all In project IGI you gonna have to trouble when the soldiers kill you.In later stages as the strategy and precision of the opponents increase you feel more uncomfortable in coming infront of any of them and kill without getting damaged yourself.Behind both trucks, you'll see two rooms with shutters, in 1st room, you'll find M16 A2 and its Grenades(at the same place where you find M16 A2 Grenade in 9th level).2)Now, get to the room windows server 2003 enterprise r2 sp2 iso where two computers are kept.Open this file in your favorite Hex Editor and search for a string named(cheatbook provdes a Hex Editor "weapon_ID_AK47 Change this to: "weapon_ID_M2HB and Save the file.All patrolssnier etc will run for you!A nice shooter game with a pretty open design of missions.It means that she is much stronger than Jones of IGI.When you enter the last room, you'll see two tunnel gates and two thresholds of rooms(but these thresholds are not a part of room).Go to c:program fileseidos interactiveproject ke a copy of this folder "ai" Then copy the civilian.You have to be quick at firing.Biggest secret OF project IGI - I'M going IN really, I discovered IT myself!Qvm" Open it with hex editor program.If you dont have the software then E-mail me at asheshkumar_singh @m,Iwill give it to you.One I had already mentioned.

After killing Ekk in the last room I got Desert Eagle from her and then, the Anya came to defuse the bomb.Now start the game, you will directly be in fifth level.Th level Find Ammunition Storage with the help of Mapcomputer and enter it through the short wood door (not through the Main Gate).Avoid Sentry Guns In "Finding the bomb" where Ekk runs away, u get a uzi after killing a soldier while following her carefully open the door, shoot the camera just above the door then enter the room, and collect the arms and ammunition.Or u can shoot the people in the garage area and the two guards outside there one in the tower and one just to the lower right.Remember the 3rd objective of 6th level in which you have to place C4 imperial armor apocalypse 2 pdf on Fuel Containers.If you want to start from 'level05' - Change the name of 'level01' subfolder to level01temp - Change the name of 'level05' subfolder to 'level01' - Open 'level01' folder.
Replace ammo_ID_medipack with ammo_ID_dragunov Now play the game, you will find that when you take a medipack ammo, the ammo will be of dragunov.
I neither use cheats nor I suggest to use cheats.