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Photoshop cs4 photo frame effect

photoshop cs4 photo frame effect

0173, alright, we're going to go to the Effects dropdown menu, that could be also under Layer, Layer Styles, there's gradient overlay there, there's all those styles, but they're right down here under the Effects, we're going to do a gradient d it comes.
0142, other than that, not going to mess with it too much.
0574 Just go lightly around the edges, I got up into the sky a little bit, backslash key and there it is!
So we're going to take this and see what we can some minor/major improvement without having to work too hard, show you a couple of new tricks to do it, and then we're going to finish this off by mounting our image, and putting.1085 We're going to take the merged effects layer now, this is our finished layer, and we're going to go back to the Effects menu, and we're going to put in inner shadow on this particular layer, and the way we do that is we're.0597 We're going to turn the layer mask off or on, your Shift key and click the mask; off, on, off and on-you see up in the land mass and down in the water.Pro Digital Frame Bundle.0254 It lightens so it's going to take that sky, because it's white, and it's going to lighten it-didn't do much to the sand, but if we go down to the third group, the overlay through hard mix, these are all contrast blends.1172 Now the final touch, of course, is to just sign the image, or sign the mounted piece.1196 That's good enough, and let's put an artificial bold on it, that helps a little bit, OK, and let's change the color down to some darker brown, darker red, that's OK, and move it up into position.0850 OK, now you can see that it's merged into a regular layer with no effects at all, and we're going to title that so we remember.The disc maby full.0936 Option, the office season 9 episode 17 click-that's where I'm going to set the point on the background, original 's set right there, highlight the merged layer, and click and paint there-it's off just slightly but now I can go in and paint right over that rock wall, and what.0023, let's get started.This works great when doing class or team photos where the pictures are all taken in the same manner.1113 OK, we'll turn that effect off, it's flat, on it's now three-dimensional and look at the difference that that makes in your image just by itself, amazing.1058 It looks OK, but it isn't really super dramatic yet, now's where we go to town.We're just going to do something here-OK, watch this.
0395 Turn it off, turn it on, you can see the sand and the sky are distinctly improved, but the central area is not, so we're going to put a layer mask on here to mask out the central area; Layer, layer mask, reveal all.
0129, first thing I notice is the sky is OK, but it could use some e beach is kind of nice, but it's very flat; we could stand a little contrast in it and certainly some color enhancement, and this rock face over here seems.

0912 We're going to take our Rubber Stamp 4 picture one word game tool, take a fairly decent sized brush, Option, and I'm going to click (let's zoom it up so we can see what we're doing here) I'm going to click on a spot that I can remember-see this.Enter it, I want to make it my favorite type, is Cosmos, and we'll make it light italic, let's make it like 36 point.1020 We're going to go up and, basically if you've taken an image before and matted it, you're going to end up with matte board, and the image.1237 We went tually let's go back to the beginning.0319 Now we have a gradient that goes from sand to sky, and it's OK, but I think we could add more color.Version 4 builds on previous releases by adding hundreds of new frames neatly bundled into a new frame library with added support for both.Color Grid Design In Photoshop, in this Photoshop effects tutorial, learn how to turn a photo in a grid of randomly colorized squares!I see one spot that we need.1091 We now have it 3D like it's mounted in a frame, separated from the matte board above us-choke it just a little bit, add a little darkness on the edge, that looks pretty ze down a hair, choke it up just a little more-yes.