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Neon hitch poisoned with love

neon hitch poisoned with love

Do oo, do do.
Yes I do (Do, I Do, Do).
You, oo I do, oh I'm poisoned with love, love.Over you (you, you, you blood on dawn of war chaos rising crack my sleeve I give more than you need.Under your spell if you look you can tell.Coz Of You, you-u-u-You, You-u-u, can't usb 3.0 cable extension Find My Head, So I've Fallen Instead.This is not fair I am beyond repair.I Love You, you-o-I Do, oh!Can't find my head, so I've fallen instead, over you, you-u-u you you-u-u.Poisoned With Love, verse 1: This is not fair I am beyond repair cus of you.Do oo, I do, oh I'm poisoned with love, love.I-I-I-I-I Poisoned With Love, Love.For Youuuuuuu, for Youuuuuuu, for Youuuuuuu, oh!Over You, you-u-u-You, You-u-u, blood On My Sleeve, I Give More Then You Need.I love you, you-u-u I do, oh 'm poisoned with love, love.

So I-Keep-Wal-King On Broken Glass, for Youuuuuuu, i'll-Keep-Wal-King On Broken Glass.For Youuuuuuu, i'll-Keep-Wal-Kin' On Broken Glass.Cause of you (You, You, You).This is not fair, but I've lost every care, i want you, you-u-u you you-u-u.I'll keep walking on broken glass.Can't find my head so I've fallen instead over you.
Just for you (You, You hurting myself you say that I need help.