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Eyeshield 21 episode 127

eyeshield 21 episode 127

Deimon is stunned that a small Bando player can take down Otawara and the team seems to know Ojo's passing routes.
They use their death climb training in the game, ending with a score of 77-84!Each tries to outdo the others, but at the same time, for the very first time, Sena's enjoying the festival, where he's not treated like a gofer anymore.Meanwhile in Ojos locker-room, Shin says a 7-point gap is not enough as Eyeshield 21 is a player that improves with shocking speed during a game.Episode 127 It's just, so we can win Episode 128 The Demon.He sulks at a river until Sena and the others cheer him.This episode centers around Monta's individual battle with Ikkyu.Desu Kuraimu" (!) January 17, 2007 7 Sena takes up wrestling in order to try to defeat Ivan's mammoth tackle.Episode 31 Minds Made Up!
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He returns and talks to Sakuraba, who says he will not be the ace until he is better than Shin and that's why he trains so much.The ending themes "Run to Win".Episode 124 The Ultimate Spear!In response, Suzuna says that her feelings are different since the time she met him, but she does not elaborate on this.At 36-36, Deimon scores the last point with a kick.She then becomes a cheerleader for the Devil Bats killing floor serial key even though she's not from Deimon High School (and the captain for the otherwise all-American cheerleading team).Before the game, the Wolves' long-legged Kamiya Taiga taunts Riku by challenging Sena as his rival.
145 "Everybody, Let's Play American Football!" "Minna Amefuto Yarouze!" (!) March 19, 2008 4 The final play comes down to Sena against Shin one on one.
Sena uses it and runs towards the end zone with Shin right behind him.