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Drama korea school 2013 special episode

drama korea school 2013 special episode

Or you could just say thank you?
In-jae asks the mean girl what happened, and asks her to help Jung-ho out and give a statement about the facts, if it was an accident.
Jung-ho is refusing to fight expulsion because the alternative is to bring his dad to school, and hed pretty much rather die than do that.She realizes thats true, and then stops to make sure thats not why HE comes to school.The girl breezes that she just wants to be an announcer because they marry well, and she wants to snag a chaebol.Yi-kyung sidles up to Jung-ho to try asking one more time where he got the money.He says the moment he saw the police car this morning he figured he might be taken away.I almost never feel this way, but I dont want this show to end.At lunch, Jung-ho sits down at Heung-soo and Nam-soons table, and this time Heung-soo tells him to go sit with his own friends.The other girls tell Hye-sun that Ji-hoon stole her phone, and Nari squirms in her seat.Ji-hoon asks Min-ki to borrow some more notes to help him study, and Min-ki sweetly tells him to borrow them any time.OMG what IS IT?
He brings out a brand new pair of shoes and shoves them at Heung-soo, who complains that Nam-soons shoes wont fit him.
Se-chan kitchenaid food processor 13 cup review knows it, and asks him to bring Dad once, and when he refuses, he just shrugs: Okay.

At least this time it was actually an accident.Its kind of adorably childish that she blamed Hye-suns new phone for the fact that Hye-sun was snubbing her.Hes about to run inside when In-jae reminds him he cant go in there, and he stands outside while she checks.And of course its Jung-ho who did the deed.But he doesnt budge, so then Ji-hoon and Yi-kyung come sidling up to join them.Nam-soon wonders what hed do with another bastard like him: So you could beat him up?In-jae wonders how it got blown up into a criminal charge, but Heung-soo says it was probably for the best: I got my head on straight after that.