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Cpu cooler comparison 2011

cpu cooler comparison 2011

The below coolers are tested on the same system, so their results are therefore well comparable.
Dark Rock Pro 3 too the history of middle earth epub much then perhaps a completely passive solution is for you.
For the longest time we have been recommending and using various Cooler Master 212 products for budget cooling.
In other words, the H7 will fit in most mid-tower PC chassis. So when we say Mega test, we mean Mega test.The very high idle tmperature of the boxed cooler, but also the differences of the Prime95 results at low fan speed in comparison to full fan speed. We're going to put the graphs towards the front of the review on page 3, with links to the coolers to make it easier for you guys to get to the detail quickly.Additionally, there is the well known interactive fit for fan guide with direct cooler sound to determine which CPU cooler fits on which motherboard and how much space is available after installation for the remaining components like.g.While it has a passive design, the Le Grand Macho is intended to be used with high-end desktop processors such as the Core i7-5960X as it can actively dissipate up to 300W.We get that 90 is too rich for some builders to blow on a CPU cooler, in which case.We bet the Dark Rock Pro 3 would perform similarly to the NH-D15 using the same fans at the same operating speed, truth be told.

The reason for this is simple, we've euro truck simulator 2009 torent iso retired the old 2011 rig and have been busy specking up and putting together a new test rig.The ambient temperature was approx.Folks with spacious full tower PCs won't have an issue using a massive 160mm or taller tower style cooler such as the.Noctua NH-D15 while those who don't have that kind of cash might lean toward more affordable options such as the.Despite the NH-D15's massive size, compatibility generally isn't an issue though you'll want to make sure your case has at least 165mm of clearance for. In fact there are so many coolers even my wide angle lens couldn't fit them all into the image you see above.Deepcool's Assassin II ( 80 ) or, reeven's, okeanos ( 75 ) might be more suitable though if you want great results you'll see the savings are not substantial.AMD's FM1 or, intel's LGA1156.
However the, cryorig H7 has gained a lot of fanfare recently and for good reason.
I think it would have been nice to see atleast 1-2 of the most popular ones in there, it would just round out the comparisons a bit better imo if you also factor noise efficiency and redundancy.