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Avatar the legend of korra game

avatar the legend of korra game

2, after opening the spirit portals, an ancient enemy of the Avatar named.
5 Kotaku felt that "Avatar deserves better" than what the game offered.
Contents show, summary, the game follows a new story that takes place between Books.
Hundun seeks to bring chaos to the world, and Korra must fight him and his allies to keep order alive.Start a Discussion Discussions about The Legend of Korra (video game) See more discussions.Korra does as she is advised and successfully unlocks her earthbending, destroying the mecha tank in the progress.The team who has advanced the most when the time is up wins the round.4.0.1 Bent Out Of Shape.With Hundun gravely weakened, Korra uses her spiritbending to dissipate plugin windows media player firefox him.Surprised at the Avatar's comeback, Hundun orders all his forces to take her down, but she proves to be unstoppable in with the Avatar State.For the alternate version for 3DS gate reference books pdf of this game, see.The Legend of Korra review.The old man notices Korra has awakened and orders to not let her escape, before he disappears.2.0.1 Dyer, Mitch (June 25, 2014).7 Review scores Publication Score IGN Xbox One:.2 out of 10 4 GameSpot Xbox One: 3 out of 10 8 GameTrailers Xbox One:.5 out of 10 9 Destructoid Xbox One: 7 out of 10 5 EGM Xbox One:.5 out of.Before Korra can locate the water, however, the Equalists along with the Triple advanced search ebay app Threat Triad arrived.

While he enters the spirit portal, an Equalist and Triple Threat members attack Korra.Weakened, she activates the Avatar State once more and constantly barrages him with all four bending elements, gaining the upper hand.As the game progresses, she is able to unlock the elements one at a time.Kinderserien kostenfrei anschauen und viele, online-Spiele der beliebten Nick-Helden spielen.Willkommen auf der offiziellen Nickelodeon Webseite.Retrieved on July 27, 2014.Gameplay At the beginning of the game, Korra has her bending abilities blocked, but she can still fight with the different bending styles using only her fists.The closer she gets to the tree, the more spirit attacks she endures, as also pools of dark spirit energy appear and release even more dark spirits.The two start to fight, trading blows, until Hundun manages to strike Korra with a vicious uppercut.Grayson, Nathan (October 26, 2014).
Chapter Two: Powerless Gaining consciousness, Korra wakes up to hear the old man telling chi blockers to finish her while she is weak.