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Airport batsu game english sub

airport batsu game english sub

The hardsubbed version is at the bottom of the page. .
26, 1993) on who would win the Khaku singing competition.Please support TeamGaki by downloading directly from their site.So, I'm here to deliver.(Wikipedia, 2013) 2010 No-Laughing Spy School/Secret Agent The members of Gaki no Tsukai partake in their fourth annual punishment game.In the list you will find.(As a side note, it was during this game that the record at the time for most punishment-strikes ever inflicted was set, with Hitoshi Matsumoto having received a total of 259 of them.2002 No-Reaction Pie Hell In this game, Matsumoto is punished for losing a bet (bet aired on Oct.He had to go to Évian-les-Bains, France with the crew to get Matsumoto a bottle of Evian mineral water straight from the source.5, 2003, Hamada lost once again to Matsumoto on who would win the 2003 Japan Series, and being unable to see the front side of things, Hamada is forced to go to Vladivostok in order to receive a back hand slap to the face.2003 Hama-chan Vladivostok Back Hand On Oct.A riding crop was the punishment device employed.
I would recommend total recall 2012 review ebert VLC or wmpc to watch the videos after you have finished downloading. .
I was not aware that mediafire auto blocks split rar files.

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Over 100 celebrities were involved with the filming including Itao Itsuji, Matsuko Deluxe, Masahiro Chono, Bibari Maeda, Claudia Umemiya and Tatsuo Umemiya. .Among the famous guests who performed here were Sonny Chiba, Masahiro Chono and many other comedy duos in Japan.Watch, rapid Player, dailymotion, download, rS,.This time, they are sent to high school for one day.Thanks to /u/kvxdev!Filmed in Ibaraki prefecture, this Batsus setting was a spy school and it was aired on New Years Eve at 6:30pm to 12:30am on New Years Day.The members had to go to a number of mock press conferences dressed as journalists.As the internet is a gigantic place, we would really appreciate it if any new/old translated episodes would be posted in the comments.Edit 3: ALL Split Rar stitched up heart skeleton key links are back up!Matsumoto had to ignore all of this while following prompts from a narrator over the sound-system.
Numerous cameo and guest appearances were made, including Masahiro Chono, Masahiro Tanaka, Natsumi Ogawa ( Hamadas wife Ends ex-wife Chiaki, Jyunji End ( Ends younger brother Masako Mori, Ayumi Nakamura, Monta Yoshinori, and Yoshimi Iwasaki. .
Don't forget to visit eChie's blog for a complete description of the various "cultural" items and famous people that appear in each batsu game episode.