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Activity monitor mac shortcut

activity monitor mac shortcut

The Basics, just like Windows Task Manager, Activity Monitor provides a list of running processes and shows how much of your available resources each one is currently using.
This is not well known, but offers perhaps the quickest way to force quit the foreground application in Mac OS X and a very good keyboard shortcut to remember.
Short of taking a hammer to the laptop, the best option is to go to the Activity Monitor and see whats causing the congestion.
Mine is the CommandOptionEscape trick, or by using Activity Monitor, but I often turn to the command line for more complex situations.The aqw hack gold and ac application should quit and you can be relaunched.For example: If you were trying to quit iTunes, and found iTunes to have PID number 3703, you would type "kill 3703".Think of this as a simplified version of Activity Monitor, and its also a great keystroke to remember to use since it allows for quickly ceasing multiple apps.If you select Finder, the "Force Quit" button will say "Relaunch".Method 2 Using a Keyboard Shortcut 1, press OptionEsc.
The "Force Quit" dialog box will open.

Is an app failing to respond to any input?When any of the above happens, youll probably want to forcibly quit the application in question, and thats what well cover with this walkthrough, showing you how to force quit apps on a Mac with six different methods.You can think of this as the Mac equivalent to a task manager from the Windows world and a more complex version of the second tips Force Quit window.It's the magnifying glass in the upper-right corner of the screen.Open the Apple menu.This will open up a box like so: Now click on Sample at the bottom to get this : As you can see, under Path, it gives you the exact location of the process in your Activity Monitor.This will exit the list of applications and return you to the command line.6) Using the Terminal kill Command.
Is your Mac seeing the infamously dreaded spinning beachball of death?